I'm a mother, freelancer and self taught graphic designer.
My life passion
The power of imagination make us infinite
I discovered my passion for graphic design quite by accident. The experience of teaching myself about this field has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I wake up excited about continuing to grow in this rapidly-evolving industry.

What I do
The best part of being a graphic designer is using your creativity to help others shape their vision and transfer meanings that words can't say
I adore paper and books as much as I adore the internet, and enjoy working on a variety of projects for both web and print.
I specialize in brand identity design, packaging and labels, print design, book cover designs and illustrations
My daily "roles" are mom + wife, designer, blogger, and I spend my leisure time doing other things I enjoy, such as reading books, making different dishes, traveling, and exploring new places.
I enjoy writing and speaking about my work, what it has taught me, and how it affects my other aspects of life, particularly motherhood. Doing what I love without sacrificing time with my husband and daughter, or taking care of my home and myself, is not an easy journey, which is why I have the energy to share what I know and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves by doing what they love.
So in this website, I tend to write about the graphic design tips, freelancing, motherhood, books and house stuff...

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What you think is what you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.