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The Most Clever Desktop Essentials That Will Actually Boost Your Productivity

March 02nd, 2022 · 788 views
Whatever you work or study from home, having a pleasant, stylish, and functional workspace is essential to remaining productive and focused throughout your work or study time. Aside from your computer and monitor, there are a few more smart home office essentials you should have in your life.

While working from home may seem appealing, I discovered that if you don't provide yourself with a suitable environment, you might easily lose concentration (and mind). To assist (because I too work from home), I thought it would be beneficial to share some clever home office essentials that you will certainly love for a productive yet comfortable workplace.

The following home office essentials are not only necessities, but also sources of inspiration. And, as you know, having a space that you look forward to going to each morning can only increase your performance and productivity, allowing you to be content with the tasks you do every day in your business or study path.

So let's dive in

1- Good chair:

A desk chair must be more than simply aesthetically pleasing; it must also perform properly. You may radically improve the look of your workplace space by adding a stunning office chair that provides both style and function. When you work from home, you have a lot of leeway in designing your workspace to look and feel exactly how you want it to. So this exquisite desk chair gets bonus points for being as comfortable as a sofa and as functional as a desk chair should be.

2- Under Desk foot rest:

When you work at your desk for an extended period of time, you may develop some issues in some of your body parts, such as ankles, legs, knees, and back pain, and, as we all know, having such problems will have a huge impact on our productivity and work flow and likely lead to more serious problems, such as chronic back pain, and so on. And here comes the function of the footrest, which is one of the most underappreciated office items.

Ergonomic footrests promote blood circulation and comfort for lengthy periods of sitting at a desk or working at a desk. It reduces back discomfort and allows workers to change postures by changing their weight.

Footrests help to align posture, especially if you are shorter than average, reduce fatigue, and relieve pain or discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, and thighs by allowing the feet to rest flat while sitting and creating the ideal good posture for reducing ergonomic injuries such as chronic back pain. That's correct; a little footrest may make a big difference.

3- Laptop stand:

The best way to create a portable ergonomic workspace everywhere you go is to use an adjustable laptop stand in combination with a separate mouse and keyboard.

A laptop stand may appear to be a simple device, but its benefits are enormous, particularly from an ergonomic aspect. It's lightweight, portable, prevents laptops from overheating, increases comfort and productivity, protects against spills and messes, and much more.

4- Decent Keyboard And... Mouse:

A decent keyboard improves the comfort of your work environment and provides faster, less error-prone typing for anybody trying to stay productive. Modern versions are divided into several kinds, ranging from boards intended for typing efficiency to sculpted ergonomic forms that cradle your hands and ease joint tension.

5- Wrist pad:

Is wrist rest actually important? The answer is simply "yes."

Wrist rests are useful since they sit in front of your keyboard and allow your hands to be lifted rather than bent upward. When you don't move your hands to type and only click a few keys in the same location, your wrist strains and you feel that soreness after a while. The wrist rest allows blood to flow correctly to your hands rather than straining them on a hard desk surface, easing pressure around your wrist and palm.

6- Book holder (works as well as an ipad stand)

Rather than holding books open while writing or looking down at books when studying, use a book stand to look at the book straight at the same eye-level as your laptop screen, eliminating neck and back strain. Additionally, because the majority of book stands are adjustable, you can eliminate glare and shadows on the page, resulting in reduced eye strain.

7- Wireless Headphones and Their Stand


I'd like to include this smart wireless charger since I'm sure it will be extremely beneficial for you, especially minimalists and those who despise crowded spaces.

The elegant design makes this wireless charging pad blend into any environment, plus you can charge three devices at the same time: iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. It automatically detects your device and allocates the right charging power. Numerous protections ensure the safest and most reliable charge, and a lot more.

9- Desk Lamp

A good desk lamp is both a reliable source of light and a stylish addition to your workstation. A desk light is an excellent addition to any home office. It's ideal for rainy or cloudy days.

10- Constant Temperature Cup Base

There is always so much satisfaction in those hot beverages that you enjoy while working at your desk. We've all had the experience of making a delicious cup of hot beverage, sitting down to sip it, and then being distracted throughout the working time with that crucial urgent email in your inbox or that book you couldn't put down. When you finally reach for that warm cup, take a drink, and fight the impulse to spit it out. When a drink that is meant to be hot becomes cold, it can take all the pleasure out of it.

You may be looking for a way to prevent all of your hot beverages from getting cold, and you're constantly in a rush to finish them before they become cold and stale. Consider the simple Constant Temperature Cup Base instead of reaching for the microwave or burning your tongue on too-hot coffee from a thermos.

11- Water Bottle

You better be staying hydrated during the day!

It is easy to forget to drink water when you’re busy. I like to fill up a water bottle like this one in the morning. That way I can keep an eye on my water intake, and catch up when I see that I haven’t been drinking enough.

12- Blanket

For some reason, an office may be one of the coldest places you've ever had to work in. No matter what the outside temperature is, it always feels cold in the office. especially If you're constantly cold, the blanket comes in handy for you so you can feel more cozy and warmer while you are working.

13- Essential Oil Diffuser

It's no secret that adopting a natural lifestyle may be helpful to our health. Especially at our workplace, where we most likely spend the majority of our time.

Essential oil diffusers bring elements of wellness into your home office, changing it into a relaxing environment where you can (literally) breathe easier. They diffuse essential oils into the air, filling the space with a pleasant aroma.

Diffused oil may provide a variety of relaxation and health advantages, such as safe odor dispersion, insect and mold protection, stress relief, and more!

14- Time clock

While our laptops and phones can all tell the time, there's nothing like looking at a clock face. If you want to quit straining your eyes to see the time in the corner of your computer screen, a desk clock is a must-have. There are several types to select from, and many have extra features to make your life even easier.

15- Organization items:

It's easy to misplace important documents, and you may end up wasting more time searching for what you need. Be attentive and selective in how you organize your workstation. For that purpose, you'll need a few organizational items to keep your workspace neat, organized, and visually appealing.

1- Pen holders:  are the ideal desk organizer accessories to keep your workplace tidy and organized.

2- Desk/drawer organizer

3- Book End

4- Cable management

At the end, my little piece of advice for you is to remember always to "Practice Minimalism." A clean environment aids in avoiding decision fatigue. Having a lot of things on your desk will provide your brain ongoing stimulus and make you easily distracted.

Pro tip: If you have a lot of decorations on your desk, consider switching them every week instead of putting them all on at once.

I hope you find the content of this blog beneficial. If you find it useful, please share it on your favorite social media platform, it would really mean a lot to me!

Until next time, stay strong and keep up the hard work, Zakia. xoxo

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