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Exquisite Washi Tapes You Must Have & How To Use Them

January 05th, 2022 · 1000 views
Washi tape is, without a doubt, the greatest stationery invention of all time. Walk into any stationery store and you'll be assaulted with gorgeous designs asking to be added to your collection. It's a craft supply that we all find difficult to resist when we face a new charming pattern, Take, for example, this stunning Japanese washi tape set, which has pushed me into a state of obsession. Or have a look at this wonderful floral set with its soft and lovely colors.

Today, on this small blog, I'm going to expose you to the amazing world of washi tapes, their uses, accessories, organization, and a lot more, so be ready to fall in love. But first we need to introduce the washi tapes for those who don't know them.


Washi tape is a decorative tape that you can use for craft making or decorating your notebook or journal. They are really charming, sticky but not too sticky, and unlike any other tape, they don’t leave an unpleasant residue behind. Therefore, if you stick it somewhere on your paper and you don't like it, you can peel it off, and it won't ruin your paper.

Now you may ask, but what makes washi tape so special?

Well, aside from what we said above, washi tapes come in many different designs and sizes that you can use. They adhere to nearly any surface, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, cards, walls, scrapbooking materials, paper, and so on. Consider it to be lovely sticker tape.

They're great for planners, bullet journaling, casual scrapbooking, card making, decorating, craft making, gift wrapping / packaging and so many other uses, and more importantly, they're very durable, but it’s made from paper, so you can write on it depending on the pattern. It tears easily and can be repositioned. So stick around if you want to know more about the different ways of using the washi tapes.



In this part, I'm going to show you the most useful applications, tips and tricks that are great for using your washi tape:

1- Decorate your journal pages (or even your planner):

Washi tape is an excellent method to personalize your bullet journal, especially if you lack sketching skills or the time to dedicate to making your bujo appear unique and lovely. It may be used in a variety of ways, including title labels, page borders, collages, journal index, habit tracking, and so on.
Planners too can be decorated using washi tape if your planner needs a splash of color or patterns.

2- Create DIY notebook cover:

Washi tapes with attractive designs will transform a basic notebook or planner cover into a work of art. Here are some ways to use washi tape to personalize your notebook or simply add a splash of color to distinguish one of your notebooks from the others on your desktop shelf. If you want to take this notebook cover concept further, there are still plenty more ideas on Pinterest.

3- Make DIY bookmark /paper clips flags/ page makers and tabs

If you are a bookworm or know someone who is, you will want to make these simple Washi Tape bookmarks. With so many design possibilities, you can create and personalize your bookmarks at a minimal cost!
Here’s some examples:

Get the full tutorial for doing this bookmarks here

Make these small flag markers out of normal paper clips and thin washi tape. If necessary, you may write on the little flags, which is a significant advantage over fabric markers. These are so cheap to create and so simple to change if you need a new flag! Get the full tutorial for doing this bookmarks here

4- Decorating basic home suppliers/personalize your stationery items

Get the tutorial here

5- As a masking tape (correction)

6- Use them as stickers

7- Collage

Using the washi tape will be more aesthetic than using the glue or regular tape.

9- Illustrations/washi tape art/ crafts

(Credit: @karayiib)

10-  Home projects:

* Washi tapes candles

*Pictures frames

* Cupcakes topper: Wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut triangles off to make a flag. It makes a cute cupcake or sandwich decoration.

* Storage labels

* Drawer renovation

* Washi Tape Cord Labels to Organize ALL Your Tech: I guess only this reason will make us need plenty of washi tapes rolls haha. click here to see the tutorial

* Decorating phone charger

* Keyboard


* DIY lipstick

10-Gift wrapping

Use washi tape to add a unique touch to your present wrapping this holiday season or for any other occasion. Kids may also have a lot of fun creating designs with all of the beautiful patterns and motifs available.

Click here to find the whole tutorial for this beautiful idea for wrapping a gift using washi tape.

11- Decorate cute greeting cards, gift and holiday tags, enveloppes and so on.

12- Nail art

This takes me to the next possible question you could have. What are the essential accessories and organizers for Washi tapes, and where can I find them?


Let’s talk organization now, having the prettiest washi tapes and then not giving intention to their stockage or organization is like throwing them away, Mostly because you will always forget about all that cute washi tape when they are hidden away in random places. So it is important to find a container that would allow you to easily see and access all those cute rolls.

I've seen various ways to store washi tape that use a clothes hanger, Washi Wheel, a dowel rod, or even a paper towel holder, and although they make a nice presentation, they're not nearly as functional as these transparent stationery storage box. I don't want to have to take out every single roll of washi tape in order to get to the one at the bottom or in the middle. Besides, having to re-sort by color every time would drive me insane.



+ What will be the best option for me, the design I want for my container, transparent? opaque?

+ container that closes or not? That’s stackable? Does it have a carrying handle?

+ Functionality: easy to access and see washi tape organizer?

+ How many washi tape do I have or willing to have/ how big a container do I need?

The following items will be quite useful to you on your washi tape journey:


I really hope you've enjoyed reading my blog post, "Exquisite washi tapes you must have and how to use them." There are still a plethora of fantastic applications for it. I may write another article on it for you, but in the meantime, I'd like to see whether you made something inspired by this post. If you post your work on Instagram, please tag me.

Until next time, Stay safe and happy. Zakia xoxo

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